BBC science coverage “dumbing down”

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to those of us who are interested in science and/or who know the BBC – but it’s interesting to see it in black and white nonetheless.  The BBC’s Trust published the findings of its review into science coverage on Wednesday.  It was carried out by the UCL academic, Emeritus professor of genetics, Steve Jones so it has pretty good credentials.  The Guardian’s report highlights the depressing picture it paints of different parts of the BBC not only failing to collaborate and share precious resources but of being actively hostile to each other.

This is a problem the BBC never seems willing to address for all its talk of multi-platform, integration, One BBC etc.  Radio doesn’t talk in a sensible, productive way with TV.  Different networks act as if they belong to different organisations rather than seeing themselves as part of a multi-textured whole.  Steve Jones’ report sets out in stark terms what an informed outsider thinks of the way just one part of the BBC behaves.  It doesn’t paint a particularly positive picture of the way the BBC serves its license fee payers.

And another thing… science isn’t just another branch of entertainment.  It’s kinda important.

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