Can I learn to code?

  1. Everywhere I look at the moment, there are people telling me I must learn to program for the good of mankind.  The Guardian and Michael Gove are well and truly on my case with their special reports on computer science in schools.   This video is pretty inspirational in that it scares me into rushing headlong into a programming course.  If I don’t, I’ll be contributing to the downfall of mankind and I’ll be facilitating the emergence of a terminator-style future.  I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want that on my conscience.
  2. Program or Be Programmed by Douglas Rushkoff
  3. So here I am, doing my Codecademy course.  It’s a free online course and “everyone” is talking about it.  This is a screenshot of me doing quite well in one of the exercises.  There are plenty of exercises where I do pretty badly. 
  4. I’ve no idea what my 3 achievements are for.  Is three good?  So far, the course has talked me through basic Javascript – declaring variables,  arrays, strings and all manner of nonsense.  We have also established that my name is not Sam (part of the if/else exercise).  Reassuringly, there are plenty of people out there tweeting under the #codecademy hashtag about their experiences/suffering.
  5. My New Year’s resolution is to learn to code with #Codecademy in #2012 ! Join me. #codeyear
  6. Finally, learning coding!! LOVE #codecademy
  7. #swtor #skyrim #BF3 – with all these great games out what I am currently addicted to? #codecademy
  8. Just completed #codecademy . Good for beginners but that’s about it, very basic. Brilliant introduction to #javascript though !
  9. I’m completely new to this so it’s a steep learning curve and it’s very frustrating at times and there are some awkward glitches on the website.  Don’t think it’s just me because other people seem to be having similar problems. 
  10. i’m stuck on #codecademy and it’s making my head hurt :-(
  11. @madtante It’s definitely not as easy as I thought it’d start out being ^^ #codeyear #codecademy
  12. Anyone else having trouble with “Getting Started w/ Programming”, Lesson 8, Section 4? It’s freezing my browser :( #codecademy
  13. Help with #codecademy lesson 7 q 1&2 (Bringing it up) – I can’t get it to get up to 2 or down to 0, yet the site says “That’s correct!”
  14. will be live in the next few days. Those of you needing help, let us know which problems you’re stuck on! #codecademy
  15. So that’s something to look out for.  I’m still committed to getting some level of programming literacy.  Can I tempt you to join me?

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