How I fell in love with Storify.

I know I’m a bit behind the times with this one.  I’ve been admiring Storify from afar for some time but only tried it out for myself this week and I’m hooked.

I gave myself a concrete task.  I was interested in the conference on the impact of MediaCity on the North West which took place at The Hive in Manchester on Monday, 20th June.  I couldn’t go to it myself but I dipped into the twitter feed through the day.  It seemed I wasn’t the only one (£145 + VAT for the full day put a lot of people off).  So I thought it would be a fun and, possibly, useful idea to create a round-up of the day using Storify to collate and contextualise the tweets.  Maybe some of those other people who couldn’t attend would find it interesting.  And maybe some of those people who DID attend would appreciate a convenient way of reading the thoughts of other delegates.

You can see the result for yourself here!

1)  Storify was easy to learn and use.  I think there were a few gremlins when I was doing this on Tuesday evening with the Twitter feed freezing a couple of times and a few other annoyances.  But I’m incredibly impatient so let’s give Storify the benefit of the doubt on that one and blame the operator.

2) It was a very quick platform for getting rid of the noise and finding the real content.  I could also add video (Ed Vaizey’s contribution was a pre-recprded interview played out at the conference) and some post-conference blogs.

3) I was amazed how much information I could get about the conference (who said what) just using Twitter.  But I was even more impressed with how much of the ambient stuff I could get at too – the vibe, the lunchtime conversations, which speaker impressed the most.  So the resultant Storify piece wasn’t just a case of “she said, he said, I thought.”  There was more of a vibe to it and I found myself able to add a bit of personality into my links as well – even though I hadn’t been in the room.  I’d assumed I’d have to keep them pretty bland but building a Stortify piece does actually give you the space for some creativity if you’re that way inclined.  I hadn’t expected that.

4) Storify is a great way of summarising a conference.  Of course, it relies on people at the conference being generous tweeters and it definitely helped that The Hive offered free wifi and told everyone that the # to use was #MediaCityUK.  I could have done with some images though!  I couldn’t find any.

5) The BEST thing is the notify button!  This meant I could thank all the people whose tweets/content I’d used and direct them to my piece.  This is a great way of networking as well as sharing.  I also posted the link to the piece on Twitter using the hashtag #MediaCityUK.

@creatingacity Thanks for tweeting from#MediaCtyUK. I’ve used yr quotes in my Storify piece

If you missed #MediaCityUK conference – or want to relive the experience – check out my Storify piece

6) I got loads of great feedback and new contacts!  I was genuinely surprised.  People seemed to like seeing their tweets used in this context and thought it was a good way of documenting the conference.  Nobody felt I’d misrepresented it in any way which proves that following a hashtag is as good as buying a ticket to attend!!

Liking Storify RT @LizHannaford @paulunger @bbcnorth #MediaCtyUK I’ve used yr quotes in my Storify piece

Great Storify piece by @LizHannaford about #MediaCityUK including one of my ramblings

@LizHannaford thanks for that – you’ve done well there summing up the spectrum of feelings. Let’s hope the managers take them all on board!

Great Storify article from the #mediacityUK conference in Manchester on Monday by @lizhannaford – spot the Tweeter

@LizHannaford your ‘tweet stream’ blog is a fascinating diary of the day. Welcome to Mellor #Stockport btw ;o)

@LizHannaford *really* like Storify format – you’ve made me re-think it! Just read your twitter biog – welcome ooop north. Enjoying so far?

OK, so I could probably have done these tweet quotes as a Storify embed but time is getting on.

So I had a lot of fun and it was quite an eye-opener.  It also seems to have got other people interested in using Storify in different ways.  I’ve followed up some of those contacts and got my first #FF, albeit on a Wednesday so I’m not sure that counts.

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