Running a radio news day with first year students.

I’ve still got a buzz from spending the day with first year students running a radio newsroom.  They were brilliant!  They got stuck in straight away, showed great teamwork, ambition, enthusiasm and every single bulletin went on air on time and (almost) all of them came out on time too.

I was impressed with how many ideas they came up with at the editorial meetings.  Some were day old stories from newspapers which isn’t ideal but you can get away with that as a first year, I guess.  Some students found ways to move yesterday’s story forward for today which was great to see.

Neil Salmon was brilliant guiding the students through the technical requirements of the day (I need to find time to get familiar with the equipment) and they obviously appreciated his reassuring presence in the studio when they went on air.

And, best of all, we’ve converted some radio sceptics into radio enthusiasts!  Yay!!  Job done.

The news day definitely enabled people to shine and really show what they could do.  What I’d love to do is to incorporate some scaled-down, simplified version of a news day into the first lecture of the module.  It would help generate some much-needed love for the medium at the outset and then they could see the context for the rest of the lectures.  Hmmm, something to think about.

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