The Art of Writing for Radio

Hilariously, the blog  posts I’ve written about computer science (a subject I know virtually nothing about) get WAY more views and shares than anything I ever write about journalism (a subject which has been my income source for twenty years)!  Maybe ignorance is more appealing in a blog than professional insight!!

But I’m not playing the ratings game :-)  So I’m going back to journalism or rather the teaching of journalism for a moment.

I started a new semester of teaching radio journalism to a new group of first years at Salford Uni last week.  It was great to meet them and I enjoyed the first sessions on the Art of Writing for Radio.

I wanted to find a fun way of reinforcing the main points of the lecture so I decided to build on an idea I’d seen done by Helen Keegan, a lecturer in Interactive Media at Salford.  She’d got the MSc Audio Production/Professional Sound and Video Technology students to put together some tips on using Social Media.  She took photos and put them together into a cute video.  I loved the simplicity of the idea so asked if she’d mind if I, erm, stole it for my students.

So this is the end result.  My photos (using my iPad) aren’t as good as Helen’s so the messages don’t come out very clearly in some of the photos.  But the second group of students happened to have bingo dabbers with them (don’t even ask) so they really helped!

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